I strive to be the normal ” girl next store” who is just loving life. I was born and raised a Wisconsinite for 22 years but have more recently become a Floridian. I love listening to music, in which I have pretty eclectic taste more 60s-80s although I am getting into today’s music more and more. If the tv is on it’s showing sports (Brewers, Packers, Nascar, Badgers, Gophers) or The Food Network/ Cooking Channel. I also love to travel, and have an ok eye in photography

My love of any and all things culinary started as a seedling in college and slowly grew into this wonderful passion (ok some might call it an obsession :))If the given the chance I would never leave my kitchen. However since I do have a job in the medical field, and am a wife, daughter, friend, and mother of four furchildren, I must venture away. When not found cooking and baking whatever I can get my hands on, you will find me accompanied by several cookbooks and or other form of culinary research. ( I MAY have a small obsession with cookbooks….maybe) I realize that this description makes me sound a little crazy, but it is the truth. 🙂 😀 A little over a year ago I decided to go public with my baking passion. I started bring a cake to work once a week. The positive response was overwhelming. Since then I have made several personalized cakes for many different occasions. After much encouragement to be come official I named my business Simply Sweet by Steffie . There is a blog dedicated specifically to it on the way very soon. 🙂 I love nothing more then sit and go through old family recipes. Although I have archived many family member’s and close friend’s, and still my quest continues. Kinkos knows me by name in at least three states. :). If theres anything i have learned through the last year or so, it’s that food brings people together. They talk about recipes as old friends. Memories of those who used to make them or occasions on which they have been made are recalled. It’s those moments that I love most and it’s high time I start recording my culinary journeys. I can’t wait to see where the next years lead me…..

Dream. Bake. Believe.
Love, Steffie




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