Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Post number 4 for Chocolate week! Yay! Chocolate truffle tarts happen to be the very first recipe that the group Tuesday’s with Dorie chose to start with when thy began baking through new book Baking with Julia one year ago this February. My little blog did not start up until March (that’s right I’m almost a whole year old!), so I was not around for this recipe. I wanted to complete this February instead, so when we are completed I can also say I finished the entire book! I’m working on a few new tabs up top on the site so it will the order and posts will be visible for this group, for daring kitchen, and for sundays with Joy. Anywhoo, back to this fantabulous recipe. These little tartlets are the perfect thing to share.

I’m pretty sure eating one by yourself would in fact put you in a chocolate coma. I can not help you out of that one….I only do babies :). These tarts are mouthwateringly excellent. 4 different types of chocolate!

The first is unsweetened cocoa powder which is found in the crust. Now let me just give your fair warning. I have to say, I’m glad I joined up a month later because I think I would have quit had this been my first recipe. Oh my gosh, this tart dough is finicky. Crumbles and tears so easily! It was very aggravating to me… a total perfectionist. The note section says dough may tear and crumble, and does so even for professionals. It suggests to just patch it up and keep going. As much as I disliked doing it, I patched, pinched, and molded..guess what…it was totally fine.. in fact I loved this cocoaey crust… it was excellent. It wasn’t sweet enough that it took away from the feeling, but it was definitely the ticket to just the right amount of cocoa to be the perfect crust.
Despite the slight annoyance with the crust it’s totally worth it!

The filling is to die for. The second type of chocolate -bittersweet- gets melted, and then mixed with egg yolks. The second and third types – milk chunks and white chunks- are stirred into the cooled bittersweet to produce little nuggets of chocolate contrast against the bittersweet. Also int the filling, a surprise component – biscotti! I took 2 large (recipe says 4 small) broke them up to a rough chunk and stirred them in as well. The crusts get baked and then cooled, filled with filing nd baked again. The contrasts in hcoclates and textural differances made this a major winner for me! There you have it! A beautiful tart for splitting with a special someone. If you find this little sweet for your taste, a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream, or maybe some vanilla frozen yogurt would help cut that sweetness for you.

You can find the recipe at the host site…..A whisk & a spoon
Dream. Bake. Believe.
Love, Steffie


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