Boca Negra Cake

Post number 3 this chocolate week! We made this incredible boca negra cake this month with the group Tuesday’s with Dorie. Oh my goodness! This thing is fabulous!

It’s ALMOST flourless, and by almost we are talking only 1.5 tablespoons in the whole cake! While I am posting two different versions of completely flourless cakes as part of the Daring Kitchen later in the week, this version is special. It contains alcohol. Bourbon to be exact. A whole half cup, just in case this intensely chocolatey 9″ cake needed , well, an oomph. AND (see there’s more!), just in case the 12 ounces of amazing chocolate and a 1/2 cup of bourbon didn’t get your attention, it is accompanied by whipped cream. Not just any whipped cream, but white chocolate bourbon whipped cream. Yeah I know.

I loved them both….but in very small (SMALL) proportions. In fact, the slice pictured above could easily be cut in half. It is so rich! While I enjoyed the cake with amped up whipped cream, I enjoyed equally, almost even more, with some simple very lightly sweetened whipped cream. It is pictured here with the simple whipped cream. I also found these cute mini pears at Publix. The pears and the whipped cream were the perfect complements to this incredibly rich cake.

The texture of the cake itself reminds me of a cross between flan and pudding. In fact I was concerned it was going to turn out raw. But the recipe stated to bake it EXACTLY 30 minutes and then to immediately invert. YIKES! Scary. Yet, it flipped AND stayed intact! The hardest part of the recipe was the water bath. Otherwise the entire cake can be made in a food processor. Keep in mind that if you would like to try it with the white chocolate bourbon whipped cream, it should be made the day ahead. The whipped cream can also be used to dress up some plain brownies, or maybe add some pizzazz to hot cocoa. (I hear you northerners are getting more snow!) Nothing says I love you like handing your snowblowing family member a nice hot cup of hot chocolate with a nice scoop of whipped cream on top, bourbon whipped cream….yummy.

If you own the book Baking with Julia the pages for this recipe are 253- 254. If you don’t own it….what the heck are you waiting for?! I use this book so much and it’s never let me down. However, a copy of the recipe can be found at our host’s site A Frederick Food Garden
Dream. Bake. Believe.
Love, Steffie


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