Sundays with Joy: Hot Chocolate.. Happy New Years Eve!

New years eve… parties.. birthdays…celebrations….Can’t believe we have made it to the end of 2012. Tonight, instead of partying I am at house.. my shelter ….with my parents and my fur babies. The tree is lazily changing colors from colored lights to white and back. Tomorrow the rest of my family will arrive and we will have Christmas and New Years all rolled into one…. I can’t wait. But for now, I am content just being here.. just being me. 2012 was quite the year for us. I traveled ..a lot! I had a ball. New York, Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Washington DC, South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, and St Martin. We celebrated birthdays and holidays. And, we grieved. We lost a lot of people and relationships this year. Jesse lost his brother. We lost an adopted Grandmother. It was definitely a roller coaster of a year filled with smiles, laughter, and tears. Something about the Holidays brings you back full circle…The happiness and the sadness kind of coexist. So 2012 , with all the tumult of emotions you brought, I am happy to close the chapter on you and start a new year. One with challenges, and happiness, and heartbreak of it’s own. And for now, I am happy to spend these last few hours watching the tree change, and just remembering.

Of course, what is remembering without a beverage…. And what kind of beverage is more comforting then Hot Chocolate. Thankfully Joy has us covered. Her hot chocolate recipe is all grown up. Definitely not the super sweet stuff you buy from Swiss Miss. It’s perfect. It warms the heart. (The addition of some french vanilla snowman marshmallows can’t hurt either!) Who wouldn’t love two types of chocolate melted down into liquid goodness!

After my first cup I thought oh heck…it’s New Years Eve! So I added a shot of coconut rum. Add some pina colada marshmallows and garnish with some coconut and you’ve got winter wonderland meets the tropics. :). Adding it to Joy’s hot chocolate was divine. If you add it to the Swiss Miss stuff you get a liquid mounds bar…just saying…. 🙂 For Joy’s hot chocolate recipe grab her book here!

Now see Tink…..this is our version of mistletoe ( the real version is poisonous to animals)…. nothing is more important than those you love…. so go kiss someone and tell them you love them….
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the new year! See you on the other side….oh and Happy Birthday Angie!
Dream. Bake. Believe.
Love, Steffie and family



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