Sundays with Joy / Honey Mustard Roasted Cashews

What a crazy couple of weeks….I have hardly had time to catch my breath let alone even think about being in the kitchen…. and I missed a Joy recipe….not entirely…I made it, I just couldn’t command the time to stand still so I could write about it. I was lucky to get pictures before they were gobbled up…one minute a full container the next empty.

Yea, I know…they look amazing no? I was looking forward to Joy’s recipe for Honey Mustard Roasted Cashews. I love cashews, they are by far my favorite nut. One, I believe, very much neglected. Much more often walnuts and pecans are favored in cooking and baking. My papa loved cashews along with various other nuts. I remember sitting on his lap and picking them out of his nut mix, while he inevitably laughed and reported my behavior to my uncle and grandmother. We always bought him a pound of cashews from Buddy Squirrel in the mall for Christmas. He would have loved these I am absolutely positively sure.

Now in my opinion, how can you make a cashew better then it is by itself? Apparently the answer is to consult Joy the Baker. Add honey and mustard.
While I am quite indifferent to mustard. I have a close friend who loves it. I thought maybe some of these potentially wonderful treasures would bring a little sunshine into her life..I’m not even sure how many she got to eat, as her children certainly enjoyed them! To my surprise the mustard wasn’t overly pronounced. The nuts were wonderfully sweetened and a candied with the addition of the honey. There was a hint of mustard with a soft punch at the back end. Intending to bring them as a gift I even used the upper limit of mustard. Oh man they were so addicting and so amazingly good. They also make your house smell awesome as they bake off. They are so simple to make whisk the few glaze ingredients together and fold the nuts in. My only word of caution is to watch VERY carefully as they bake…. one second they are perfect and seemingly the next the edges of the glaze are burning..definitely stick with the lower time limit and check often from there..aside from that these are EASY and something I would really suggest for a party. I’m sure you are scanning the page for a recipe at this moment, but I’m sorry to say I completely followed Joy’s recipe from her book ( sold HERE) to a T. I recommend this book for the recipe alone, much as I have for past recipes. Seriously, buy it. That way in the future when I rave about Joy and her book, you can be sure to try it out! Here let me help twist your arm…

You want these…believe me!
Dream. Bake. Believe.
Love Steffie


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