Sundays with Joy / Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies… I mean just when you thought you had heard of everything , Joy never fails to amaze me

I admit, I am a newcomer to the sweet potato world. I recall my Gramma Beres and my Mother consuming them, roasted in tin foil, but only at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Before long my little sister jumped on the band wagon. Not me, no siree. I held steadfast to my favorite veggie… mashed potatoes. Once again the credit goes to my Mother -in -Law, for my reintroduction. (sigh – avocado, okra, collard greens, now sweet potato) I believed she ordered sweet potato fries at one of our wedding planning meals ( btw- TGI Fridays has THE BEST sweet potato fries). I immediately grabbed some from Publix and tried to bake off some sweet potato chips later that same week. Tried being the key word. After that sweet potatoes got lost in the mix for awhile. That is, until my friend Angela inquired whether or not they would be gracing my table at Thanksgiving. Uh….not really. She brought over a sweet potato casserole that was to die for and I was hooked. Little did I know that almost a year later I’d be making them into cookies!

Anyways, these wonderful parcels have cloves, cinnamon, and coriander. I know! I’d never think to throw in coriander, nutmeg maybe, but not coriander! They also ensure a good bout with dark chocolate….everything is better with dark chocolate! Better yet they can be whipped up by hand no electric or stand mixer required! I think this time of year pumpkin so overpowers the lowly sweet potato. All you hear is pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin… and maybe.. MAYBE butternut squash…. Well these cakey, not to sweet with a hint of spice, cookies are a sure fire way to get your sweet potato kick this fall.

Want the recipe? Buy Joy the Baker’s Book here!

Dream. Bake with sweet potatoes. Believe.
Love, Steffie


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