Sundays with Joy / Kettle Corn

I am a relatively new fan of kettle corn (compared to my hubby who has been a lifelong fan.) My Daddy introduced me to it on a visit down here when I took him and my mom to the local winery where they were having a festival. He bought a bag and offered me some. I’m not a popcorn girl, sure I love the salt, but no one can make it quite like Papa used to (what… I’m my grandfather’s granddaughter, what can I say…) Anyways, I declined on the kettle corn…after all what was the big deal about popcorn popped in a kettle. Half way through the tour of the winery I decided I was famished, and grabbed a small handful…OH MY GOODNESS…the salty….the sweet..My father created a monster…. I ate the whole bag…..and I brought three bags home.

It’s no longer allowed in my house. I have absolutely no will power against it. It’s my kryptonite. The girls at work know this, but continue to bring bags in to snack on anyway… I think they enjoy watching me stragically place objects to obstruct my line of site. What? I wanted three boxes of formula, a package of diapers, and two washclothes constructed in a fort like fashion around my charting area. No really …. I swear….

Of course I never thought about making it at home……crap…… now I cant keep popcorn kernals, butter, or sugar in the house…..double crap….Anyways I know Joy’s recipes are perfect as is, but I got to thinking…..what if I subbed in that ghee I found for the butter?… what about agave nectar for the granulated sugar? Would it coat the kernels better? Maybe a hit of cinnamon? hmmmmm

Agave Cinnamon Kettle Corn
Adapted from Joy’s Perfect Kettle Corn

2 tablespoons veggie oil
2 tablespoons ghee
1/2 cup yellow corn kernels
3 tablespoons agave nectar
1 teaspoon cinnamon

-In a small bowl combine corn kernels with agave nectar. Stir to coat.
-Grab a medium-large saucepan that you can handle easily and has a proper fitting lid.
-Heat oil over medium heat and then add ghee to melt.
-Add corn kernels and place lid on. Increase heat on stove to medium high.
– Once you hear some popping action, give your pan a good shake. It’s hot so make sure you use pot holders. Also unless you want a very hot shower of kernels and oil (hey I don’t know maybe you roll like that..), make sure you secure the lid to the pan whilst shaking. Alrighty? Good, because I only do babies remember… a 3rd or 4th degree burn with corn fragments is alittle out of my scope here people…..moving on
– Continue SAFLEY shaking every 30 seconds until popping really decreases in frequency.
– Remove from heat and CAREFULLY tip lid to allow steam to escape. I gave mine a good stir at this point
-Sprinkle with 1/2 of cinnamon, dump into bowl, repeat sprinkling with second half of cinnamon and stir to ensure even coating
– After popcorn has cooled a couple minutes dig in!

I learned I need to work on my shaking methods alittle. You really need to get those kernels moving. Some of mine were alittle errrrr “crisply blackened”. The cinnamon was a nice touch. It was a nice little adventure, but I’m still hooked on the traditional version…..need to make Joys version!……at someone else’s house.. so I can pretend I can’t make it at mine….. crap… darn you kettle corn and your addictive qualities. Buy Joy’s book HERE so you can be addicted too!
Dream. Bake. Believe.
Love, Steffie


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    Aug 19, 2012 @ 02:23:56

    I love the pictures! The bottom one is my favorite. And you made healthy kettle corn… brilliant!


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