TWD / Walnut Chocolate Chunk Biscotti

Part two on my posts from my weekend up north. Michelle and I (and our family) attended a wedding! Congratulations Vance and Rebecca Joines! How exciting!.

Now this wedding was particularly special to me as I used to babysit Becca when she was smaller. I felt very old. Ok so Im told a 26 year old can’t feel old. Well, Becca got married, my godchildren are two and almost seven, and my little sister graduated college. So yea -I had a moment- well it may have lasted all day but still. 🙂 I’m so happy for them. Even more heartwarming I caught wind that she copied her mom’s recipes while she was home. (yes I’ll be requesting a copy soon 🙂 :D) I just love when recipes change hands from generation to generation. It makes me a very happy girl. Speaking of happy girls….I think I have a picture of one ….

So, my trip home also included a Tuesday. Our assignment for Tuesdays with Dorie that week was Biscotti.

Biscotti is not a cookie I normally would reach for or think of making. My friends love them with their morning coffee. Maybe that’s where I’m missing out on them? I like my cookies softer…dunked in coffee I’m sure biscotti are glorious. Except nursing school seriously coffee’d me out…and I rarely drink it anymore (unless I’m really in the mood for it). I also thought the double baking would make them complicated and difficult. I guess back in the beginning complicated and difficult looking things were intimidating? (I can’t even remember the last time a read a biscotti recipe and I read recipes allllll the time. SO in order for me to think that, I must have read one many moon ago. Like back when I babysat Becca or when my godchildren were I’m just kidding)

Now, Michelle and I had just made these Hazelnut chocolate cherry Popsicles , so didn’t want to have hazelnut overload. I subbed in walnuts for the hazelnuts. Also, I have seen a lot of biscotti dipped in chocolate, so I added 3/4 cup dark chocolate morsels to mine. The last of my changes included subbing brandy from the frangelico. Our host this week, Baking and Boys, subbed in Torani hazelnut flavoring syrup, which is an option if you prefer no alcohol.

Let me say this: Biscotti are not hard, or complicated. They actually came together like a breeze and baked up nice and crunchy. I even had a cup of coffee with one, and I now understand why everyone loves them. I know you will too. For the recipe please visit Baking with Boys!.
Dream. Bake, Believe.
Love, Steffie


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