Sundays with Joy / Coffee Ice Cream Cake

20120627-000916.jpg This week on Sundays with Joy we were scheduled to make Coffee Ice Cream Pie. MMMMMMmmmmm ice cream pie. I could NOT wait to try this….unfortunately I have been pretty busy as of late and I had to wait to try it. What could be better then coffee and vanilla ice cream on crust yummy. My uncle used to buy me mini containers of coffee ice cream to take with me to my dorm in nursing school. Coffee ice cream always makes me think of him. Originally I fully intended to put in a layer of Trader Joes fleur de sel caramel sauce in between the two ice creams. Then I went to the store ( the Shwaan’s man doesn’t stop by my house Uncle Tim) in search of a good coffee ice cream. Starbuck’s has ice cream. I don’t know how I failed to know this. As I reached in to pull a container out I saw it….sitting all by it’s lonesome and I knew it was meant to be…..Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato ice cream…..come to momma….:)…..Oh but girls you did not want to see the calorie count…no fears though.. I balanced it out with S.O. coconut milk vanilla bean ice cream….it’s all good… coffee (check)….caramel (check)…Vanilla Bean (with added bonus of coconut milk… check). I happily headed home to start ice cream and pound cake adventures (more to come avocado pound cake!- stay tuned!). I was planning on subbing almonds in for the pecans in the crust, as I was already working with them during the day for a get well cake. I had chocolate covered almonds for the top. So I set out making the crust it has orange zest ( I have an unnatural love of zesting things).

My husband walked through the door and burst into the Soarin’ theme song…the part where they mist the citrus smell as you fly over the orange grove…gotta love him…. Anyways my kitchen continued to smell glorious throughout my crust’s baking period. In the mean time, I still found myself wanting to put something in the center of my pie…..In fact, I kept thinking about how as a little girl we would go up north to our “cabin” in Rome, Wisconsin on the weekends. On “lucky” weekends we visited the cheese factory… still one of my favorite places…. They have every kind of cheese imaginable….and in the back room they had ice cream…. Michelle and I LOVED their ice cream. Michelle was a one ice cream kinda girl though…. she always had a blue moon…..I was adventurous ( I know a budding foodie even at a young age)…but only until I tried the chocolate peanut butter… I adored it…. you would hit a chunk of peanut butter and gave you a break from that cold.. still sweet… kinda chewy……..Anyways I wondered what I could use to get that kind of effect…I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the caramel coffee peanut butter flavor combo…. But I decided to pull apart the pantry anyways ( my pantry is always filled with random interesting things I find during my travels)….There I found a caramel almond spread made by Mara Natha (see I told you my pantry is magical lol) – hmm almonds in the crust, chocolate almonds on top.. caramel overtones in the ice cream- yup that’ll do…..The taste is reminiscent a little of Biscoff spread, but it’s sturdy like peanut butter…I decided to give it a shot.

Once my crust had cooled I spread the pint of vanilla bean ice cream and let it freeze a little while to set back up. Then continued with a thin later of the caramel almond spread, followed by the pint of caramel macchiato.

Then I froze the remainder of the night. I knew I wanted to photograph it in the morning light ( tropical storm Debbie is killing my indirect lighting people!), so I happily awoke my husband upon turning in for the evening (aka the early hours of the morning) to tell him we were having ice cream pie for breakfast…..he was pretty excited….


The next morning I whipped the cream for the top as I drank my coffee. I retrieved my pie and was disappointed to find that try as I might I could not get my crust to budge….sad day….however the ice cream portion did come out in one piece…… the only thing I can imagine is that the crust was so good my pie plate simply was not going share ;)…. After pictures the hubby and I shared one …..ok ok one and a half pieces for breakfast…. I placed the remaining pie in the freezer..and out of the corner of my eye I saw them….. my bag of chocolate covered almonds…..I had forgotten all about them….. of well I’ll just have to make it again ….. sometime very soon…. wouldn’t want those chocolate almonds going to waste…..


Do YOU want to make Coffee Ice Cream Pie…. buy Joy’s Book HERE…..or wherever books are sold!
Dream Bake Believe
Love, Steffie


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  1. NerdyBaker
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 17:49:55

    Put the chocolate covered almonds on the side and eat one after each bite of pie. Problem solved! I loved that you put something in between the layers and the use of the Caramel Macchiato ice cream


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