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Between working, meeting my family in Daytona Beach, and meeting my God Daughter’s family in Charleston I had really very little time to think about making bread. But Naan with spring onions and cumin?! I was pretty sold on that.


Naan is a Middle Eastern flat bread which is leavened with yeast. While these days it can be made on a stone or tile PREHEATED (or it will crack on you) in the oven, it is not uncommon to see it still being baked on the sides of tandoor in the Middle East. (A tandoor is a clay oven of sorts). It also known by different names in Turkey, Central and South Asia, and is becoming increasing popular in England (where a large part of the population consumes Indian food). Fillings and seasonings differ from recipe to recipe. Some include sugar, while some substitute baking powder for the yeast. Yet others add yogurt or milk to improve texture. The bread itself is either used as a utensil with food being placed on top ( or scooped up) or is stuffed with a mixture of meat or with nuts and raisins. Cumin is a popular seasoning, as well as sesame seeds. Alternately nigella seeds, which taste like a a combination of onion, black pepper, and oregano, can be used


So I grabbed everything out of the pantry, including the container labeled “bread flour”. I opened the lid and spooned it into the yeasty water. With each scoop I grew more and more concerned. After 6 full cups, I did not have dough…..I had slurry…..Hmmm……what the heck……I looked closely at my bread flour, which now looked somewhat peculiar , and discovered that it was actually powdered sugar. The container covers had ben switched. Obviously this forced a redo. So I measured my water and ensured it’s temperature was correct ( I was taking no chances with my second batter). I added the yeast and waited for some activity then I mixed in 3 cups flour and stirred to ensure the salt wouldn’t kill my yeast. I combined my salt and another .5 cups of flour and stirred in. then I gradually added more four until the dough began to some together. I proceeded to kneed the dough until smooth and let it rise in my microwave…although I forgot to oil the plastic wrap I placed over the top..whoops.


I am a little ocd about making things even.. so I grabbed my electronic scale and portioned out 8 EVENLY WEIGHTED servings. I preheated my oven with my pizza stone in to 400 degrees. I rolled out my dough saucers and pricked with fork in the middle so only the edges would rise. I topped with course sea salt, cumin, and chopped green onion. The baked up beautifully.


They tasted heaven sent. I slathered some butter and devoured it as soon as it wouldn’t burn my tongue. They were to die for. When my husband came home from work and bout the bread. I had rave reviews ( usually my response is “eh.. it’s ok”) He immediately tried a piece and shared in my enthusiasm. OH MY GOODNESS…. these are so good!……YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM!!!!!


Of Cabbages and Kings Cake is hosting our recipe this week……grab it on his site and put it at the top of your to do list. They are totally worth the effort ESPECIALLY if you are a bread lover 🙂
Dream Bake Believe


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jen (sbb)
    Jun 08, 2012 @ 00:35:40

    Nice! I’m glad it turned out great! They look wonderful! I bet the yeast liked all that sugar. They were probably in heaven.


  2. Beth
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 12:52:16

    I too use the microwave to hold my dough while it rises. Keep hands and paws from unruly family and misbehaving cats out!

    Beautiful naan!!


  3. Cher
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 20:51:17

    Oh, I hate it when things get mixed up. Bravo for making a redo! They look great.


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