Sundays with Joy \ Celebration Quiche!

Well what an action packed weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all you awesome mothers out there! There will be a separate Mother’s Day post later today. However, I want to dedicate this Sundays with Joy post to my little sister. It is celebration quiche! Yesterday Michelle graduated from UW Whitewater with her BA in Business Administration, Operation, and Supply Chain Management and a minor in history. We are so proud of her! I can’t resist this opportunity to share some of her graduation moments…….




So one would think I made this celebration quiche in honor of her graduation….nope. As part of her graduation present from her wonderful sister (me) she received the exquisite cookbook : JOY THE BAKER! I made this celebration in quiche in honor of embarking on a new journey together. We are going to bake through book with the group …together. A way to connect AT LEAST once a week even though there is normally 1500 miles between us. I can’t wait! Since this the first Sunday that she is on board ( she just requested to be a member on Facebook), I am posting this for both of us. :).


This quiche is amazing and we made it with Swiss Gruyere cheese and beautiful Wisconsin eggs. The recipe originally only called for leek and asparagus. However, we couldn’t resist the gorgeous baby broccoli at Trader Joes so we reduced the asparagus to one cup and added the cup of broccoli. I bought extra leeks cause my mom loves them. They were the best I’ve seen (or cleaned…or cut…) in a long time! The veggie sautĂ© smelled amazing. Ours was finished baking after the full hour. I had to place a note so no one would dig in while it cooled.


The whole family loved it!. My mom even insists that it reheats best by steaming!. This recipe also a keeper! You know you are just dying for this recipe. Go grab Joy’s cookbook Joy the Baker wherever books are sold!

Dream. Bake. BELIEVE!
Love, Stephanie AND Michelle!

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  1. Diane Monteiro
    May 13, 2012 @ 16:23:11

    beautiful looking quiche!


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