TWD : Pizza Rustica

Words can not express the sorrow my family is feeling at this moment as my husband deals with the sudden and tragic death of his 23 year old brother Kyle. The last few days have been a whirlwind of emotions and people. However, it brings me peace-just for a few moments- to be sitting here doing what I love.

For today’s post we baked Pizza Rustica (Thank God i baked it last week!). I had been traveling in the weeks prior so when I finally got back in my kitchen I was ecstatic to be there. I happily gathered my ingredients. The dough is a sweeter dough, but I must say it was a breeze to put together, an easy roll-out, and complemented the savory filling wonderfully. This coming from someone who doesn’t bake pies- I don’t “do” crusts- they scare me.




The filling was also a breeze. The velvety creamy texture of the ricotta mixed with the parsley and the proscuitto looks beautiful doesn’t it?!… The taste is excellent….The scooped that filling right into the crust….and then there was a problem….so much of it?!… why… the picture doesn’t look that! the filling mounted into a pile that compared with the height of a lemon meringue pie…how was I supposed to build a lattice over THAT!…. ahhh in retrospect the only ingredient I didn’t have on hand was the ricotta cheese… I grabbed it Sam’s Club whilst picking up dog food toilet paper etc. i retrieved the container, which was NOT the one pound containers you find normally…nooooo it was THREE POUNDS….yes.. so I had triple the filling. I leveled it off and froze the extra, built my lattice.(My first ever!), and popped it in the oven. Baked up beautifully!



This weeks post is being sponsored by Capital Region Dining Blog. Go there and grab the recipe! (Or better yet buy the book and bake along!)

Dream Bake Believe
Love Steffie


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